LinkedIn Groups Scanning Issue - 10/12/18

Good afternoon,


LinkedIn has announced that starting Monday, October 15th, they will complete migration of all users to their new Groups UI. This means users will have a new interface for their Groups section on LinkedIn and as a result, some scanning for Patrol will be impacted:

1.  Group Discussions, Group Comments, Group Replies, and Group Likes are using a new API under this new UI and layout. Due to the nature of this change, we will be temporarily unable to capture these group activities while we work to upgrade to LinkedIn’s new API.

2.  During this time, we will not archive the Group activities mentioned above. However, LinkedIn has confirmed we will be able to retroactively archive these items, once our updates are in place.

3.  This means the Groups archive activity for this time may be delayed, but once we have finished the update, we will resume capturing these activities as normal. LinkedIn has stated that no activities will be "lost" but simply delayed until we have moved to their new API format.


We will provide updates on this situation should anything change.


Please reach out to Nexgate at with any questions.


Thank you.


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